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Wiebke Hensen (V) is an experienced Personal Trainer and Online Coach based in Perth and born and raised in Germany.

She specialises in female body and mindset transformation and has helped 100s of women across the world not only with fat loss and strength goals but more importantly finding happiness and confidence. She uses fitness as the vehicle to teach women that they are stronger than they think, that they are allowed to love their body and that they can create their own healthy lifestyle.

Training in the gym is not only important for your body but also for your mental health. With V you will always get an 1 hour training session customised to your needs, goals and abilities. 

Besides the training you can add nutrition and accountability packages to keep you on track. 

If that sounds like something you need please head over to for more information!

Bobridge Gym & online

217/225 Fitzgeraldstreet


Call V on 0411785554

Personal Trainer + feriFIT Ambassador - Wiebke Hensen