Testimonials from women touched by feri's work.

 feriFIT Fans




I feel very inspired to become the best I can become.

I see the meticulousness and the consciousness behind what you do...and it is WONNNNNNNNNDERFUL. Without missing a beat it is wonderful, positive, encouraging even when you push.   People would have such a sense of accomplishment if they did your classes regularly. And really they would all feel like they had accomplished something blatantly worthwhile.......and the size of the progress would be inevitably huge. 

The way you model and teach and focus on the breathing seems a huge key in the equation....as does the brief intermittent rest.  Your lack of negativity even when there are obvious options for it is great to watch too.

I feel very inspired to become the best I can become.  I am kind of in awe of your obvious and remarkable talents. I am very grateful for your kind, mindful and skilful help and encouragement.  I am already further than I thought was possible.

The links, sequences, blatant creativity in play.... outside the predictable circuits.... beautifully challenging.... Lizee

The feriFIT Woman

You lead by example and motivate those around you.

A truly inspirational woman.

The feriFIT Woman

Thank you for the kindness and wisdom you share with us.

You inspire me to want to live my best life every day. Sharon

The feriFIT Woman

Feri gave us a very vibrant and enthusiastic day of learning and I came away with more knowledge than any other course I have attended in the past two years. Feri is highly intelligent and very knowledgeable on her subject matter, but most importantly, she delivered an interesting class that made you want to stay for more or enrol for another! Renee

A very vibrant and enthusiastic day of learning

The feriFIT Woman

Very uplifting and encouraging

I didn’t get a chance to say a big ‘thank you’ for a wonderful day. It was very uplifting and encouraging and reinforced a lot of training that I have done in the past with Tony Robbins.

The feriFIT Woman

Great interaction, fabulous presentation, very engaging.

Feri was a great speaker and taught me a lot about self-awareness, thought and diet. Great interaction, fabulous presentation, very engaging. Highly recommend

The feriFIT Woman

Brilliant leader and genuinely inspired me

Very encouraging, refreshing to have someone with such a positive outlook- Brilliant leader and genuinely inspired me to learn more and do well in my job.  Nicole

The feriFIT Woman

Invaluable lessons about self-care

Loved the content. It was excellent. Janet

The feriFIT Woman

Great new life skills

Lots of looking at motivation from within and self-understanding, great new life skills, great presenter. Cecily

The feriFIT Woman

Delivered well and mindful

A reminder that if we look after ourselves, we are more able to look after others. The presentation was fabulous, delivered well and mindful.

The feriFIT Woman

Thoroughly informative and enjoyable

Everything was thoroughly informative and enjoyable. Feri is a great trainer and very informative. First time in ages that I wasn’t clock watching doing a course.

The feriFIT Woman