Meet Feri



Master Trainer

The Seed

When I was a little girl, a beautiful horse called Black Beauty was my muse. Kind, wise, honourable, hardworking and brave, these were the traits I identified and connected to, and now, at the age of 52, I admit that it's these qualities that helped define who I wanted to be and who I have become.

Carl Gustav Jung said that the privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are. Determined to find out who I truly was brought clarity, confidence and connection - and the privilege and purpose of feriFIT is about helping others find the same.  

The Weathering

As an introvert, I often felt misunderstood and alienated and never knew why. The world seemed like a strange place and challenged me to maintain my own identity while still needing a sense of belonging.

I’m quite a structured and organised person and the desire to be perfect combined with feeling out of control plagued me most of my younger life. Add intense sensitivity to people’s feelings and relying on my intuition to guide my thinking and you have a very confused child and young adult.  

Like Black Beauty, preserving my spirit and finding balance meant summoning up the courage to be adaptable and break free from the stereotypical restraints and expectations imposed upon me.

As a Capricorn born on Christmas Day, I seem to have spent most of my life climbing mountains, reaching the top and, as a perfectionist, never wanting to leave things up to chance, always wondering if I’d climbed the right mountain. Perfectionists don’t do ‘vulnerable’ well and fear is vulnerability’s best friend.

Growing up in South Africa as a child I struggled with my name. No one could say it, no one could spell it. Yet even as a young child, I was aware that my name bore me with a responsibility to fulfil a life purpose I was yet to uncover.

My name is Erit. My sister calls me Feri. Erit is a Hebrew name for flower and is the symbol of the feriFIT brand. Flowers inspire encounters and feelings. Flowers and the gardens they grow in need proper care to weather the storms so they can thrive and grow. My life has been an adventure of discovery to realise what makes this flower thrive and grow.

The Process

Growing up, it never felt obvious what I wanted to become. I was sure that I wanted to be a teacher in some way and a business woman, and I always knew whatever I did, I needed to make a difference. So, I knew my why, I just didn’t know how, what and when, and that was ok. 

I see the bigger picture before its parts and even though I never knew how it was going to turn out, my internal compass of purpose kept me (most of the time) pointed towards my true North (a concept I will explain in inspired insights). Health and fitness are a large part of who I am. Business was always the vehicle I could use to inspire wellness. Whether helping you sell your house, find your purpose, teach a fitness class or train you on life skills, it’s all about leadership…. self-leadership first then leading others.

I became an aerobics instructor at the age of 18, a personal trainer by 26, a real estate consultant by 29 and a Pilates teacher by 32. I opened the first group, matwork Pilates studio in Perth, Australia in 2000 and my husband Phil and I went on to open and ultimately sell another two studios.

My own life long back problems inspired me to apply my knowledge of Pilates, dance and martial arts to create a unique self-healing fitness routine program I called Qi lates® (pronounced chi,) a combination of Qigong and Pilates.

Living a double life, and with Phil’s unwavering support, I completed my Diploma in Property and opened my own Real Estate agency and consulting business in 2009. Fast forward five years of studying and at age 47, I finally realised a lifelong dream of attaining a university degree and completed my Masters Degree in Business Leadership. This degree was a dedication in the pursuit of self-discovery that now allows me to help others with a skill set aligned with my purpose.

The Purpose

It wasn’t always easy. But life sets us challenges, which ultimately- although we possibly can’t see it at the time - makes us emerge stronger and wiser.

With a lifetime of experience and knowledge in communication, energy and stress management, the eastern principles of martial arts and the western disciplines of mind/ body conditioning, I was driven by a great desire to find a gentle but powerful process to help others shift their perspective from inaction to a dynamic life of wellness……

.........feriFIT was born! A platform of wellness and self-nourishment to build physical and psychological strength and flexibility.

The Thriving

I’ve created a life filled with vast and varied experiences and accomplishments, all underpinned by enormous passion and commitment to accessing my inner truth and emotional and physical wellness.

Pre-eclampsia and an emergency c-section to deliver my now healthy, beautiful, adult son, immigration, divorce, a 14 year long eating disorder, two miscarriages, mercury poisoning, adrenal exhaustion
, weight gain, food allergies and more - I’ve been there! Today, I am an outspoken and intuitive leader with tremendous knowledge, experience, wisdom and passion which I want to share with you!

I present, mentor, mediate, facilitate, train and coach others. I’m committed to help those who have the courage to advocate for their own wellness and take meaningful action in all areas of their lives.

I live in Perth, Western Australia spending my life balancing my roles as wife, mother, entrepreneur and coach with our two gorgeous fur babies. 

I’m committed to helping explorers like you on your own journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

I work with individuals, from teenagers to adults, couples, women’s, men’s and corporate groups, specialising in the development of emotional intelligence and psychological flexibility using personality type as a compass. Helping you be you...just stronger, fitter and more flexible.

I’m also available to consult via Skype, for those of you who are unable to be with me in person.

I’m so excited to begin this discovery with you!

  • Masters Degree of Business Leadership ( MBL – CGSB)
  • Certified Myers Briggs Practitioner
  • Graduate Diploma Business Management & Leadership
  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner
  • Trained Mediator/facilitator
  • Pilates Instructor Trainer

  • Licensed Real Estate Agent
  • Cert IV in Workplace Training & Assessment

The feriFIT Woman