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Have you found your Gee Spot?

... your personal power




Every woman has a Gee Spot®

We experience pleasure and joy when we have alignment between mind, body and spirit. Every woman can experience multiple Gee Spots and every woman finds them in her own way. There are however psychological, emotional, and relationship factors that play great roles in determining your ability to let go and surrender to the moment without focusing on distractions. Women require trust and a feeling of safety to let go and enter such an emotionally vulnerable state. Trust and security cannot be dispensed in pill form or by waving a magic wand. These factors need to be developed and nurtured internally.

This book introduces some of the Qigong exersises which form part of the Qi lates Program. A self healing guide on how to find connection, feel courageous and find clarity.
Much like an orgasm, it may take you a while to get there but when you do its mind blowing!

One goes through life having all sorts of experiences and feelings. There are times when these experiences and feelings cause us conflict or confusion and we often don’t have a deep understanding of why they happened. Every now and again, with some good fortune, you gain information that helps you understand. Within split seconds you make realisations that help you connect, identify meaning and attach purpose to that experience or feeling. This is an ‘aha’ moment. It is a triumphant expression of discovery. A moment when you feel alignment between your head, heart and gut. An instant when things suddenly make sense. It’s liberating and empowering. This is finding your Gee Spot®.

The feriFIT Woman

Watch some sample Qigong instructional videos here...