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These insights are designed to support your efforts to be brave. Brave to find your own truth. Brave to challenge the status quo. Brave to see things from a different perspective. Brave to find real connection in the way you behave, think and feel. Brave to open your mind to informed choice.  

I have been a student of integrated wellness for 30 years searching for answers that mainstream medicine could not provide. These insights are based on my own and others actual life experiences and challenges. We share them with you generously in the hope that by creating awareness you can start to ask the right questions.

We invite you to test the filospohy for yourself.

The feriFIT Woman

Emotional stress is debilitating. Emotional stress can be a result of our inability to cope with our own thoughts and feelings in a constructive way. If you find yourself rescuing others from their stress, then your emotional stress can also be a res...
Emotional Fitness
I am about to share something that could make you feel uncomfortable. For some of you I suggest you keep scrolling.For everyone else, I feel compelled to write this post in hopes that if I can stop one woman from breast augmentation surgery or someon...
Physical + Emotional Fitness
Goldilocks was wondering lost, through the woods. She was tired, hungry, and she was frightened. Goldilocks came across a cabin and walked inside where she saw three bowls of porridge. She tasted one, it was too hot, tasted the next, too co...
Emotional Fitness

The feriFIT Woman

Our style of communicating and interacting is not always a reflection of our true personality type. We are all different when it comes to the way we prefer to communicate and interact. Some people prefer to interact in the outside world of peopl...
Social Fitness
Phil and I have never suffered from jetlag. I have a magic formula but it requires preparation and discipline which is alot easier and more productive than the down time experienced when you arrive at your destination or when you get home!According t...
Physical Fitness
If I asked you write down the name of a person, a mentor, a coach, a leader, who has had the biggest positive influence on your career or your life and then asked you to list six of that person’s attributes that made him or her such a positive infl...
Emotional + Social Fitness

The feriFIT Woman