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Emotional stress is debilitating.

Emotional stress can be a result of our inability to cope with our own thoughts and feelings in a constructive way. If you find yourself rescuing others from their stress, then your emotional stress can also be a result of absorbing other people’s stress and not being able to distinguish their stress from your own.

If you feel like other people’s health and happiness are your responsibility, then you are in danger of becoming or being a rescuer. If you feel another’s pain as if it were your own, then you are an empath.

It’s important to know that empathy is one of the primary scales of emotional intelligence and we can measure how much or how little empathy you have. If your empathy levels are high, you are in danger of self-sacrificing and not being able to be assertive or have tough conversations believing that in doing so, you may hurt someone else’s feelings.

Too low empathy may cause you to alienate others and can impact your interpersonal relationships. Rescuers and empaths typically have not learnt how to deal with emotional stress because they are often not even aware of what is happening and what they are doing.

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