Inspire wellness through giving





Give the gift of wellness with a feriFIT gift card

Whether through learning, wearing or giving,  you can pay it forward and give the gift of wellness to someone you care about. 

My hope is that in some way the feriFIT filosophy helps remind you to take the actions that help you find true connection, feed your courage and feel confident.

feriFIT is a wellness business that helps empower those with choice and support those who can’t speak for themselves. A portion of the sales of its merchandise is donated to animal welfare organisations or welfare organisations with a human animal bond.

feriFIT has joined forces with the Demeter Legacy whose aims are simply to:

Reduce the number of dogs that are euthanised, and cherish the impact dogs bring to our lives, our families and our society.

Protect vulnerable and endangered animals and their habitats, recognising that we all share this beautiful planet together.

Deliver dignity, hope and joy to our vulnerable and disadvantaged children and elderly through local and international community programs.

We Love Animals and people who love them!

The feriFIT Woman