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Phil and I have never suffered from jetlag. I have a magic formula but it requires preparation and discipline which is alot easier and more productive than the down time experienced when you arrive at your destination or when you get home!

According to Carrie Partch, a bio chemist and associate professor at the university of Santa Cruz who has studied circadian rhythm for over 20 years, 'jetlag is more than just an inconvenience, it's pretty devastating physiologically'.

Travelling to a different time zone disrupts our circadian rhythm which is our natural internal process that regulates our sleep-wake cycle and repeats roughly every 24 hours. As you get on a plane the pilot tells you to set your watch to the next time zone believing it will help reduce jetlag. In my experience it won’t, it can actually do the opposite.

The next thing the airlines do is start feeding you according to the flight time when you would not be necessarily eating. For example, you get on a plane at 9pm at night and they serve you dinner at 11pm. You would never ususally eat a meal at 11pm and then go to sleep. Well if you do it may explain why you wake up feeling tired or with a food hangover.

In every 24 hours we usually have a period of time where we do not eat between dinner and breakfast. This is the time that our body rests without using unnecessary energy to digest food for example and where a relaxed mental state including deep breathing restores our energy levels.

We can’t control the actual time zone change, however we can adapt the way we eat, sleep and the things we do in flight and when we arrive in the new time zone. 

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Can you avoid Jetlag?

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