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Podiatrist - Jill Hunter

Jill Hunter is an experienced podiatrist in Perth who specialises in treatment of feet problems for both individuals and sportspeople. She graduated from the Curtin University of Perth in 1999 with a Bachelor’s degree in Podiatry. Since the inception of her professional career, Jill has worked in both public and private sectors. She possesses a wealth of experience with diabetic and paediatric patients as well as people in aged care facilities. Being an ardent sports enthusiast, Jill has also offered her services & expertise to numerous soccer, rugby and WAFL clubs.

Your feet are the base of stability for your entire body and it’s very important to ensure they are working efficiently to help you perform at your best. So whether you are a busy person or a professional athlete, Jill can help you stand on your feet comfortably in order for you to lead a pain- and worry-free life.

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