The feriFIT family

Pilates Instructor- Phil David

Phil David is the General Manager of the Pilates School of WA. 

With a B.Sc. Sport Science (Hons) and a Dip. Ed (Phys Ed), Phil certified as a Pilates Instructor, levels 1, 2 & 3 and Reformer and has been training instructors and students since 2001. 

Our classes endeavour to eliminate any intimidation factor associated with class environments and encourages all participants to achieve their own maximum performance. 

We lead by example with the utmost integrity in our craft. We strive for service excellence, and believe inour clients. We promote an environment that supports self-awareness and
taking responsibility for our bodies.

The Pilates exercises are generic by nature. However, Phil and Feri have designed a unique teaching programme that enables you to develop your skill in a progressive and safe way. We offer a great variety of classes and courses, so we can meet the varying needs of our students, and endeavour to keep your training fresh and interesting.

Pilates School of WA

4/1070 Beaufort St Bedford WA Australia

0413 624 663