Are You Physically feriFIT?



Being physically feriFIT means that:

  • All physiological systems of the body perform efficiently
  • You have abundant energy to perform your daily activities
  • You can physically exert yourself without getting injured
  • You are flexible and strong at the same time

A physically feriFIT person improves their quality of life by reducing the risks of pain and disease associated with lifestyle choices. Following the feriFIT filosophy on wellness may help you slow the ageing process, lose weight and get into shape applying a more integrated, intuitive and strategic approach wellness.

Take the Physical Assessment

The feriFIT Woman

If you scored 20 to 39 - You have met most of the feriFIT criteria for physical fitness. You have abundant energy and you sleep well. You efficiently and effectively function in all your chosen activities. It takes a lot to injure yourself and you heal quickly when injured. Your immune system is strong and recover quickly from illness. You are naturally fit and would be a great mentor to others. Check out the learning options if you would like to learn more about coaching others.

If you scored 40 to 79 – You have met some of the feriFIT criteria for physical fitness. Your strength to regain your energy is challenged. There are some areas of your life that drain your physical energy which makes recovery from injury slow. You feel frustrated not knowing what the cause or where to turn. There are learning opportunities that would improve your physical wellbeing. Check out the learning options if you would like to discover how to optimise your wellbeing. 

If you scored 80 to 100 - You have not yet met the feriFIT criteria for being physically fit. You are finding it harder and taking longer to regain your energy. Connecting lifestyle choices to your state of health and wellbeing will put you on the road to becoming feriFIT . Contact Feri for a personalised one on one coaching session which will help guide you in the right direction.

Interpreting Your Score