Are You Socially feriFIT?



A socially feriFIT person enjoys mutually satisfying relationships at home with family, with friends and at work. The experience is mutually rewarding and enjoyable where you feel at ease and comfortable in such relationships. A person who is socially feriFIT possesses positive expectations about social interactions and can give and receive warmth and affection and intimacy when appropriate.

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The feriFIT Woman

Being socially feriFIT means that:

  • You easily establish, maintain and grow healthy connections with others
  • You express your thoughts and feelings directly and constructively without being aggressive, abusive or destructive
  • You set healthy boundaries and stand up for yourself without being taken advantage of 
  • You act responsibly and ethically, even if you might not benefit personally
  • If you scored 19 to 37 - You have met most of the feriFIT criteria for social fitness. You’d be a great mentor to those around you. You have a high level of emotional intelligence. Check out the learning options if you would like to learn more about coaching others.
  • If you scored 38 to 75 – You have met some of the feriFIT criteria for social fitness. You could be more aware of how your approach in social interactions negatively impacts yourself and others. There are learning opportunities that would improve your social fitness skills. Check out the learning options if you would like to discover how to optimise your true potential.
  • If you scored 76 to 95 - You are yet to meet the feriFIT criteria for being socially fit. Social interactions may feel overwhelming and foreign and may be causing you stress for reasons you may not understand. Check out the learning options to get started or contact Feri for a personalised one on one coaching session to help guide you in the right direction.

Interpreting Your Score